How Can I Get 6 Pack Abs – Diet and Exercise Routine to Build Them

How Can I Get 6 Pack Abs? – Diet and Exercise routine to build them

A flabby stomach is caused simply by excess fat. If you want to learn how to flatten that stomach and get 6 pack abs, you will need to learn about diet as well as exercise.

Some people are more prone to carrying weight on their middle than others, but this is no excuse since anyone can fix a chubby belly. It won’t be a walk in the park, and you have to be dedicated to doing it, because it will involve changing your diet and you will have to work out every day. But if you are seriously interested in how to get 6 pack abs, just read on to find out our top tips.

Cut out bread and other wheat products

This will make a huge difference to how your stomach looks within a week.  Depending on your stature – you may find your 6 packs abs visible almost immediately. Most of us eat bread for at least one meal a day, but actually a lot of us are slightly intolerant to wheat – a lot of people bloat when they eat wheat. We are so used to eating bread though, that we ignore the symptoms. Cut it out of your diet and see the results! You should also avoid other wheat based products such as pizza, cakes, biscuits, donuts. Instead, try using oats or quinoa.  You can and will see your 6 pack abs by doing this simple thing!  This is difficult at first – but the results of your ripped 6 pack abs will be worth showing off!

Avoid sugar

Refined sugar serves no nutritional purpose. The reason we eat it is because we’re used to it. Cutting sugar out of your coffee and breakfast cereal is a good first step, but sugar is included in a lot of refined and processed foods. This creates a problem because if you really want to know how to get a 6 pack abs, you must read the labels on processed food to see what the ingredients are. If you can’t be bothered with reading the labels, just avoid processed food!

6 Pack abs

Trim belly fat and Get 6 Pack Abs with Proper Diet!

Eat lots… of the right food.

Learning how to get 6 pack abs doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. In fact, do NOT starve yourself. When you deny your body food, your metabolism slows down, which makes it harder in the future to lose weight, and as we’re discussing – getting 6 pack abs. You should eat at least three meals a day, and snack regularly. But avoid all processed food, and opt instead for vegetables, fruit, meat, cottage cheese, eggs, and nuts. Look up healthy recipes which you know you will enjoy, and then you won’t feel like you are depriving yourself.  Your abs are muscles, and muscles need food – getting sculpted 6 pack abs is no different!

Exercise regularly

Getting the body you want is about diet mostly, but you also need to exercise. Aim to work out every day so that you get into a good habit. Start by exercising just ten minutes a day, and then build it up. You will soon find that you enjoy working out. Choose exercises that you enjoy doing, and then it won’t feel like a chore. Stick with it and you will soon see and feel a real difference to your shape.

How Can I Get 6 Pack Abs Training For A Flat Stomach

Sit ups, crunches and leg raises are all great for firming up your core muscles.

Incorporate some of these exercises too, and you’ll get a really flat stomach:

- Leg raises while hanging from a chin up bar

- Sit ups on your side to work your obliques and banish love handles!

- Bicycle kicks

- Squats – yes these will work on your 6 pack abs also!

Simple isn’t it? Well I’ve given you the fundementals on how to get 6 pack abs the rest is up to you!

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